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Vegan & Gluten-free Easter Treats

A list of Vegan + Gluten-free Easter themed treats.

Easter is a truly special time of year. Not only does it give us a chance to spend quality time with our family and friends, but it also provides us with an opportunity to create

lasting memories.

Whether it be gathering around the dinner table to enjoy delicious treats or embarking on an exciting scavenger hunt, Easter is the perfect time to share joy and create joyous memories that will last a lifetime.

My favorite Easter memories are filled with my mother's creative and intricate scavenger hunts. Every year, she would plan something new and exciting for us, taking us to places we'd never been before.

She would hide things in parks and other hidden gems in our

neighborhood, and even get local

businesses involved, by setting up clues in their stores. One of the most memorable hunts led us to a tree filled with coins. My mom had carefully packaged each coin and tied them to different branches, creating a magical 'money tree'.

It took some convincing to explain to us that money actually doesn't grow on trees! This became a beloved family tradition that we look forward to every Spring.

Her thoughtfulness didn't stop there, when we got older and our diets and lifestyle changed, she would make sure to include treats that we could each have. She was always conscientious of making us feel included no matter our dietary restrictions.

Her consideration inspires me to help myself and others do the same. Whether it's yourself that is vegan or gluten-free, or a family member, I truly believe that everyone should be included in the celebration.

In honor of that, I wanted to do a post of different vegan and gluten-free treats. Most of these can be found in your local stores, such as London Drugs, Nature's Fare, or Bulk Barn.

As always, we will also be having easter themed treats in-store at the bakery to purchase or pre-order! Starting the week of April 27th, we will be having two cupcake and two cake donut Easter themed options available daily.

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