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Vegan Holiday Chocolate

Holiday favorites for the chocolate lovers in your life!

The Holiday season just isn't complete without chocolate. Whether it's in your stocking, under your tree, or on your cookies, it's guaranteed to boost your festive spirit.

My family celebrates Christmas, and my favorite part was always waking up to find out what's in my stocking. *ahem* Santa *ahem*, would fill it with all sorts of neat trinkets and goodies, but the best part was the festive flavors of chocolates I would receive.

Living a vegan lifestyle can have it's limits at times. Luckily for us, the world has caught up a bit and now, there are so many companies out there that are offering vegan chocolate alternatives.

I've curated a list below of some wonderful festive vegan chocolates. From local companies, to big corporations, you can just about find anything you're looking for!

Purdys Chocolate

I usually have a hard time with sweet chocolate, but I will risk it all for those black salted caramels. Shout out to Purdys for stepping up they're game and finally coming out with some vegan options!

Pure Lovin Chocolate

The first time I had Pure Lovin chocolates, was when I was in Victoria a few years back at their storefront. If you're on the hunt for a more boujee chocolate option, this definitely hits home! It's all handmade, and local to BC. It's also incredibly yummy. The best place to buy would be online!

Moo Free

Moo free has been around for some time now, and for a good reason. They're chocolate is always a solid choice. Plus, they come up with some great flavors! The other day, I came across a fizzy orange bar flavor that was divine.

Bulk barn is my go-to store to find this brand.

No Whey

No Whey's choco no no's are the closest thing I've had to smarties since I went vegan 9 years ago. They are SO good! I just tried they're mint flavored ones, and they were fantastic. I most often find this brand at London Drugs.


I've only had the pleasure of eating Sjaak's chocolate a handful of times. However, when I have had it, it was amazing! They can be a little tricky to find, so depending on where you are, it may be best to get it delivered.


I'm appreciative at how available Lindt's vegan chocolate has been. I mostly find it in stores like Walmart, Superstore, and London Drugs. It can be fairly pricey at times, but I usually wait until they go on sale and stock up! The hazelnut flavor is my favorite.


Cadbury's chocolate bars came out in Canada quite recently. While a little on the sweet side, it's just about the creamiest vegan chocolate I've tried so far.

You can find them in places like Walmart and Superstore.

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