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All About the Blog- A Helpful Guide to Being Vegan + Gluten-Free


My name is Jaide Hatfield, I am the CEO, Co-founder, and Co-owner of Jaide & Joel's Baking Co. As a young vegan/gluten-free entrepreneur, my passion for baking, love for animals, and enthusiasm for helping others have all helped to make this blog come together!

The idea for the contents of this blog came from the numerous questions I would get asked by my family, friends, and customers at the bakery. It would vary from advice to recommendations, and recipes, but always focused around a need for simple, clear information. I am always humbled by the fact that others trust me and value my opinion when it comes to questions about veganism and a gluten-free lifestyle.

What It's All About

The Helpful Guide to Being Vegan + Gluten-free will focus on easy tips and tricks to help you wherever you may be on your journey. When I first started transitioning to vegan and gluten-free I scoured the internet for all sorts of information looking for knowledge on what was okay to eat, where I could shop, and easy meals I could make. There were hundreds of articles, recipes, to-do's, and what not to-do's. It was all quite overwhelming, and to be honest, in the beginning, most of what I'd learned came from trial and error. This blog is all about taking the mass of information out there and breaking it down into simple helpful tips.

My Promise To You

All the recipes posted here will be tried and tested by yours truly. I will only recommend products that I've tried and loved and share my collective knowledge to the best of my ability.

Whether you are here for yourself, for someone you know, or are simply curious, I'm positive this blog can help you!

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I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to interact and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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